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My new normal...

An account of a Class Teddy Bears unexpected adventures with a little year 1 boy embarking on a HUGE journey into a whole new world...

The story below is one that changed our lives forever, however this story is from the eyes of a class teddy bear - Mr Thomas who came home with us for Christmas back in was his story to tell the rest of the class ... & their mummy's & daddy's too

"Well...where do I start??? I am totally exhausted after all the fun and adventures I have had this Christmas! I was so happy to be able to spend some time with Lochie and his Mummy and Daddy, we went to some lovely places and did some really cool things, I even had an extra special adventure... to somewhere i’ve never ever been before... I cant wait for you to learn all about it! ( But after all the excitement... I really could do with a rest!) Lochie was so excited that I was going home with him that he ran so fast across the playground so to tell his mummy ... he must have forgotten I was in my tin box... I was bopping and bouncing all over the place!

I think that this Family tried to trick me into thinking I was going to have a nice chilled Christmas, first of all we went to the Forest of Dean; we drove up lots of hills and through lots of woodlands to a Rugby Club called Cinderford. (I thought I was going on a Teddy Bears Picnic in the woods!) ... I watched Lochie run out as a mascot for Coventry Rugby Club... he was so fast and I was so excited!

Then we stayed in a lovely village at his friends house, it was very Christmassy and I really enjoyed myself! When we came home back to Lochie’s house it was so exciting as it wasn’t long until Santa was going to visit! ... we made sure we left him some special treats for him and Ruldolf!

I could not believe my eyes when we woke up... there were presents everywhere... Santa even left snow all over the floor! I loved it at dinner as me and Lochie got to pull a cracker together... it was such fun...he pulled hard, I pulled hard, he pulled harder and I pulled harder...and BANG! ... I nearly flew across the table... and into the Turkey... but I won!!! I even got to wear a Christmas Hat!

Look at me in my Christmas Cracker Hat!

Lochie had asked Santa for a scooter as one of his presents, and he was so lucky as he got one!... we went on an adventure to Kenilworth.

We scooted around Abbey fields, and I was able to feed the Ducks.

Lochie had a sleepover at his friend’s Oscars house. ( I decided to stay at home and relax in his big bed as I was exhausted from all the scooting and playing!)

Then... our adventures really began... Lochie’s Mummy and Daddy noticed that Lochie had been going for lots of wee wee’s... and was drinking so much... they decided to call the doctors. The doctor said to pop in and see him. When we got there Lochie was so brave... he had a blood test and had to do a wee in a pot... the doctor tested his blood and his wee and he said that Lochie would need to go straight to hospital. I could not believe how brave he was, the nurses were running around and doctors were everywhere... he was so brave that they gave him 2 presents that Santa had left for good boys!

He had to have a wristband with his name on and a big needle in his arm with a bandage... they even gave me one. I had never been in a hospital before, it was so big and Lochie was so brave. The doctors did lots more tests on him and they then told him and his mummy and daddy that he had something called Type 1 Diabetes.

In hospital Lochie and his family had to learn lots of new things about Diabetes, they had so much information to take into their heads, and Lochie had to have lots of injections with something called insulin in it!... he has to have this everyday now for the rest of his life, this will help to keep all of the sugars inside his body at a good level. If they sometimes go too high it can make him poorly again, this is called a Hyper, and if they go too low it could make him a bit tired and feel “unwell” this one is called a Hypo.

I'm so glad that I was with Lochie when this happened as I know I can keep an eye on him along with all of his friends at school in case he feels unwell.

We stayed in hospital for a few days and when we left they let me take my wristband and bandage home with me to show all of my Class 3 friends.

I thought that we would just relax when we got home, but Lochie was so upset as he was supposed to be in guess what?

We had one night at home and when we got up in the morning ... we had another adventure ... one that made Lochie Smile from ear to ear... we went to Scotland... but that's another story... for another day!"

- Mr Thomas - Class 3 (Year 1) Class Teddy Bear.

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